Encompass Windshield Replacement Process

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Encompass auto glass claimsThe presence of windshield damage should not be ignored. Even small chips and cracks can be noticeable, making the vehicle an eyesore. Large ones can be quite distracting especially if they are located near the front of the driver’s seat. The blemish could compromise vision on the road which increases the risk of accident.

Auto insurance can usually take care of it. Your policy may have repair and replacement options for glass damages. You just have to file the claim to avail of the repair services for free. If your insurance provider is Encompass, then get familiar with their claims process.

Encompass Windshield Replacement Overview

Encompass has a system in place to deal with all of the claims filed by its clients. The administration of these has been outsourced to SGC, a third-party specialist in auto glass. Policy holders are required to talk to a SGC rep via phone to sort out the details of the incident and get their application approved.

Do note that policy holders always have the last say regarding the shop that will attend to their vehicle. Encompass or SGC may provide a list of their preferred options but these should be taken as mere suggestions. They do have an extensive network of glass experts known to do a good job. If you plan to use a different service, then you need to diligently assess their readiness for the task.

Filing Encompass Insurance Claims

Look around for local repair shops and pick the one you deem best among them. They should be able to help you initiate the call to the insurance administrator. Ask them all of the questions you might have related to this process before going live on the phone. The shop can call SGC on your behalf and put you in a conference call with them.

This call is likely to take about a quarter of an hour or less depending on whether you have all of the information they need. These will include your policy details, personal information, vehicle specifications, and facts regarding the damage.

Set Your Expectations

At the other end will be a courteous representative that will inform you that the call could be monitored for quality assessments. He or she will then get right into business with questions meant to verify your account. State your name, phone number, policy number, home address, zip code, email, birth date, and so on. This will be followed by an in-depth discussion about the facts of the glass damage. The answers provided will determine whether the case is covered under the policy. They will also decide what kind of remedy suits the situation.

Just the Facts

One of the most important details you need to give is the date when the incident transpired. This should fall within the coverage period in order to qualify for claims. In case an exact date cannot be given, then provide a best guess based on your personal knowledge. Safelite cannot proceed without this entry.

Recount how the event unfolded including the direct cause, if known. There might have been a collision, a hailstorm, a freak accident, or perhaps an act of vandalism. Mention where it occurred. Describe the extent of the damage on the vehicle both on and off the glass.

Repair is the default remedy. It is cheaper and quicker to do. It is adequate in fixing most chips and cracks. You will be asked about the size of the blemish to confirm that it suits this option. If the damage proves too massive, then the rep will recommend and approve an Encompass windshield replacement.

Encompass Auto Glass Repair Preferred Program Members

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Encompass windsield replacementIt is easy to complete Encompass auto glass repair claims if you use Glas Tek. They are an Encompass Preferred Program member. As a member they are authorized to complete the entire process from filling the claim to completing the work. A company representative will work in tandem with you and the insurance agent to make sure your claim is being handled correctly.

Claims will be initiated by a repair shop representative in a conference call with you. The call will be routed to SGC, the third party affiliate for Encompass auto glass claims. The call is also monitored for the safety and quality assurance of the policy holder. Several detailed questions will be asked during the call. The details about the incident and the repair will comprise a portion of the questions. The rest of the question will verify details about the vehicle, policy and policy holder. The entirety of the call typically takes a total of 15 minutes. The knowledgeable representative will assist you with any problems you might have filing the claim with your agent.

Glas Tek will assist you with windshield chip repair claims, as well as Encompass windshield replacement claims. The success of chip repair depends on the size, placement and how long the chip has existed. The repair is not done for cosmetic results, but to fortify the integrity of the glass. Because of this, there will be some signs of the chip even after the repair. Most repairs will result in an 80% reduction in appearance of the chip.

Glas Tek is authorized to conduct Encompass windshield replacement and auto glass repairs. As a member of the Encompass Preferred Program, they are approved to help in the claim process as well as carry out replacement and repairs. It is a choice that is backed with a double guarantee.