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There's nothing more important to us than making sure our customers are as safe as possible when on the road. When cracks appear on your front windshield, don't take chances with the safety of yourself and your family. Call your Phoenix windshield replacement specialists you can trust to do the job fast and right every single time: call Glas Tek.

There's never an excuse to be ducking and weaving your head around a large crack right through your field of vision. This is never a safe idea, and it drastically increases the chances of accident. You are also more likely to be seen as being liable if you hit someone because of the possible limited visibility.

Our Phoenix Auto Glass Repair Specialists Can Handle it All

Our experienced and courteous professionals know how to handle any windshield related problem. Whether it's repairing a tiny nick while that is still possible or fully replacing your front windshield, we are glad to handle it and to get you back on the road!

We offer a Full Range of Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement Services:

- Windshield Chip Repairs
- Full Windshield Replacement
- Auto Glass Replacement
- Door, Back, Quarter, Vent Glass Replacement

Don't Let Small Rock Chips Become Full Windshield Replacements!

Anyone who has lived in Phoenix for any amount of time knows how rocks can pick up from our graveled landscapes or sand can pit your windshield from our major sand storms. Whether your windshield is cracked, chipped, or sand blasted, Glas Tek can help!

We are happy to handle all of your vehicle's windshield problems and we will have you back on the road driving safely and seeing clearly!


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